About the Gardenatrix

I've been studying organic gardening and permaculture for most of the last decade. When I bought my own little house made of ticky tacky in the suburbs, I bought the biggest corner lot I could and made an unusual request: no sod in the 30x50 foot backyard.

The house builders thought I was crazy, and there were several years when I wondered that myself. There were years of weeds building up everywhere (still are, sometimes, when I slack too much) and years when holding on to the house felt overwhelming. But I believed in the vision of having a permaculture space in the suburbs, and it feels like that's coming together. 

Permaculture builds designs in layers, from the roots to climbing vines. Photo (c) 2010 by Laura Lea Nalle
About two years ago, I took the Permaculture Design Certification class and began a bit of my own design work -- creating a formal design for the next steps in my own space, as well as a couple of designs for others. My design work so far has been focused on not only the practical elements of permaculture, but tying in my background as a student of religions to employ mythic and cultural elements in the design.

Small shrine amid the lavender, under the grapevines. Photo (c) 2010 by Laura Lea Nalle
Around this time, one of my pro bono clients started calling me the Gardenatrix, the name stuck, and here we are! I started this blog to talk about permaculture and organic gardening issues. The more I pay attention, the more I realize that those are inseparable -- for me -- with the larger issues of self-reliance, interdependence, community, cooperation, consensus, local food, local farming, frugality, simple living, and the like. So you can expect a lot of that as well.

Bringing in the harvest. Photo (c) 2010 by Laura Lea Nalle
At my best, I type with my hands dirty.

Hope you'll hop in and join the discussion! I'm glad you're here.

As you can probably tell if you've seen my own photos, none of the photographs on this page are my work. These much better ones are the work of professional fine art and live music photographer Laura Lea Nalle, whose work you should go check out!