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Seasonal Color Changes, Weekly and Monthly Garden Services


Much like our container services, we will enable you to deal with your garden and work with your current landscaping team. We offer Garden Coaching Services where we can visit you occasionally and demonstrate to you what should be trimmed, pruned, prepared, expelled and relocated. We can likewise make site visits either weekly, every two week or monthly to deadhead, pull weeds, watch out for issues like creepy crawlies, parasite and check the water system for watering problems.

Our gardens join the customer’s list of things to get, regard the architecture and format of the home and property, utilize plants and materials suited to Houston’s atmosphere, and are intended to satisfy our name. You may think satisfying a name like Glorious Gardens is an extreme demonstration. We think of it as a test; one we consider important, yet appreciate, each turn of the trowel.

We cherish plants and think about what we utilize. We settle on the best decisions at all times that our activities are not cutout establishments loaded with whatever is promptly accessible.

Because we love gardening we wanted to help you achieve the garden of your dreams.

To do this we’ve reviewed information on garden supplies from some of the major online garden supplies companies of flowers, trees, plants, flower bulbs, seeds, gardening tools, outdoor furniture, lawn accessories, water gardens, gardening tools and much, much more.

Whatever you need to make your garden complete you’ll find it here. Simply browse through the various categories below to find what you’re looking for and then click through to a recommended supplier. Here you can order what you want in safety online for delivery direct to your home.

Contact our garden services to plant globules, perennials and occasional shading to guarantee you have a show halting yard that will be the envy of your neighbors!


Robert grows whise he is planted. Lessons learned from years of moving around as a military wife have been beneficial to Robert as he moved toward a single life.




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