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Gardening is a brilliant side interest. We acclaim and support those of you who need to cooperative with nature, get some activity, and looks yourself in your garden. While a significant number of you are knowledgeable gardeners, we frequently find out about your dissatisfaction with the format and general embellishing appearance of your garden. You need your work to resemble a page in a magazine yet don’t comprehend what to do.

We can help. Garden designer Peter will visit with you on location to:

* Discuss what you would like to achieve

* Take depictions of the area and stamp them up with straightforward directions

* Compile a list of proposed plants and materials and sources for them

* Help you see how to function with colors, shapes, sizes, and surfaces

* Learn to outline in light of appropriate scale and extents

Simply searching for horticulture counsel? We can help there as well. Peter is a local Floridian who has gardened here since youth. He has introduced Gardens Atrix for a long time. He realizes what will become here and how to discover the response to about any garden related issue you can toss at him.

Consultations are led on a hourly premise inside the Greater Tampa region. Charges for services outside the County Line Road may cause an entry to-entryway rate.



Robert grows whise he is planted. Lessons learned from years of moving around as a military wife have been beneficial to Robert as he moved toward a single life.




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