Making Bonsai- An illusion of The Nature in Your Garden

Japanese call it Tray planting. Bonsai has evolved as one of the most common and preferred form of home gardening. A bonsai is a miniature version of planting a tree in a pot and interestingly, several species of trees, shrubs and plants can be made into a bonsai. If you have either taken gardening as your hobby or just in the though process of starting one in your yard, you would certainly find this extremely helpful. Making bonsai is no longer a herculean task but it has become an easy job provided you have a good deal of patience, determination and have access to the know-how of making it work.

The fundamental things to know for anyone who undertakes bonsai project for your gardening dreams are to realize that you must have enough knowledge with regards to when and how much to cut the roots, how much fertilizer and water needs to be used and finally the ability to aesthetically select branches to be pruned to give it that splendid look!

The know-how
Learning to making bonsai has no other short cut than setting to making it your own. You become an expert by making it your own though you are likely to make mistakes and at time fail at the work but certainly you get the knack of it in due course of the time.

The best tip I can give you secretly before you begin making bonsai is probably very simple. Be watchful while you are traveling especially through the nature since the very scene can lend you the stepping stone. Perhaps, you might glimpse at some attractive scenes like a tree in the rocky mountain or just a tree with a broken branch due to lightening or slanting tree because of wind blows. Copy them into your garden is the best idea to lend it a more aesthetic look.

However, you could kick start on the training with the seedlings or plants from the nursery itself in the initial stage.

Before I would reveal the fundamentals of Bonsai creation in the subsequent article, I would like to quickly give you an overview of the mechanic step by step process of making a bonsai in your home garden.

  •     Keep all the required things near you and do this outside your home, somewhere like in the garden.
  •     Do not cut off the roots. Just trim the roots shorter into a round ball.
  •     Do wind the wire round the roots. Do not completely cover the roots because the roots need to absorb water and minerals. Wind the wire in a way such that the roots are tight. This restricts the growth of the root which is the main objective of a bonsai
  •     Plant the tree in the tray and ensure that the mud you use is rich in minerals and organic materials.
  •     Trim the branches with the help of scissors to the shape you wish your bonsai to have.
  •     Ensure the tree gets a good amount of water, light and manure