Simple Tips For Designing A Mini Herb Garden

If you want to have herb garden in your home but you don’t have sufficient amount of place available then don’t worry, you can still enjoy the feast of herb garden in the shape of a mini herb garden. As we all are aware that there are numerous advantages associated with herb garden such as herbs carry a high medicinal value that can cure a lot of health issues plus herbs can be added to your meal to make it more energized and healthy.

If you want to enjoy all the above mentioned benefits of herb gardening but you don’t have enough space available inside or outside your house then you must divert your attention towards the following simple tips for designing a mini herb garden. Yes, I am talking about herb garden but a small one.

First, choose the most appropriate and the most suitable place for your mini herb garden. If you decide on setting things up indoor then select a location having a west or south facing windowsill so that sufficient sunlight is available and if it is outdoor then the location should have a shade avoiding sunlight half of the day and exposing your herbs for the remainder of the day.

However, if you want to plant your mini herb garden in a container then choosing the right container also affects big time since it decides on how the herbs would react. I would say that clay or plastic container or pots would be a wise choice for you to make.

After deciding the type and the location of your mini herb garden, you should know how to mix up the soil so the herbs can grow properly. Half sand and half potting soil is highly recommended for the best possible results. Lime juice needs to be added to the soil about a single table spoon since herbs like the presence of lime more then nutrients. This would be the best mixture in which your mini herb garden can grow healthy. Now if you are planting herb seeds then choose a soil base that is shallow. With your index finger just push the seed in the soil, not too deep. Providing herbs with the right amount of water would be important as well, stop the water once you see that the soil is moist.

Lastly, start planting the herbs of your choice in the soil which you have prepared for your mini herb garden and after a while you will see natural and all healthy herbs growing in your own mini herb garden.