Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Plant a Garden, Go to Jail

Mind you, I do believe in civil disobedience for the right reasons. I just never thought that a few veggies in the front yard might be what gets you cited, particularly in the days in which even the White House has a victory garden.

As this family in the Oak Park suburb of Detroit found out, I thought wrong. Please do take a moment to read, particularly if you also have edibles in your front landscape. And then think about how you might want to support these folks.

One would think the Detroit area might have more pressing things to worry about than a few veggies in the front yard. Perhaps it's time for an Edible Estates education there?

PS: I should be clear no one's going to jail over this - it's just a citation. But riffing on the old "Ride a Skateboard, Go to Jail" meme was too tempting . . .