Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Permaculture Documentary: Permaculture, the Growing Edge

It's no secret I love permaculture. (It was? Okay, it isn't now!)

It's also no big secret that I'm a bit of a leftie, and a bit of a poly-religious mystic type.

Put all these together, and (despite the fact that I adamantly believe permaculture is ideology-neutral) I have a soft spot for permaculture with a spirtual bent. Sharon Astyk's musings on the connections between homesteading and Judaism? Yes, please! The folks at New Life on a Homestead openly exploring their Christian faith? Yep! (And of course I have my own very sporadic spiritual and mystic musings over at Tending the Hearth.)

I study a bit of everything. But the modern thealogian (sic) who has had perhaps the strongest influence on my life is Starhawk. I devoured her writings as a young feminist, later affiliated with the Reclaiming tradition she co-founded, and am influenced by her work in ways that I probably am not even aware of. It was Starhawk who first got me thinking about the sacred as something which is immanent, an idea which permeates all aspects of my personal practice, including my practice of Judaism. And of course I've already declared her one of my Permie Heroes.

So, of course I'm delighted that this self-described "dirt worshipper" also teaches permaculture, in a way that integrates spirituality and activism. The good folks at Belili Productions are apparently impressed as well, and they have supported Starhawk's recent permaculture documentary Permaculture: a Growing Edge.

Permaculture: The Growing Edge is an antidote to environmental despair, a hopeful and practical look at a path to a viable, flourishing future. The film introduces us to inspiring examples of projects, including a visit David Holmgren’s own homestead, tracking deer with naturalist Jon Young, sheet mulching an inner-city garden with Hunters Point Family, transforming an intersection into a gathering place with City Repair and joining mycologist Paul Stamets as he cleans up an oil spill with mushrooms. We interview some of the key figures in the Permaculture movement, including David Holmgren, Penny Livingston-Stark, James Stark, Paul Stamets, Mark Lakeman, Dr. Elaine Ingham, Maddy Harland, and others.

Interested in seeing for yourself? Hop over to the Permaculture: a Growing Edge website to check it out and view the trailer!


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