Sunday, November 7, 2010

Getting My Daylight Back Where I Wanted It

Oh, today is glorious! It is early, and I am here saying hello to the sun which has beaten me to rising. I have light by which to do my household tasks, and it is early enough to even garden a bit before work without doing so by the porch light.

Frankly, I would like the government to pay me interest on all that daylight they were saving for me.

I should note that I was born, raised, and spent the first part of my adult life in Arizona. Arizona is known from many cranky things, it is true -- but it is also known for one quite sensible one: Arizonans see no sense in 'saving' daylight. They have plenty of it as is, and are willing to spend it while they have it. Yes, this means sunrise at 4:45 in summer, but that's . . . well, sensible. Light but not heat yet. And farmers just roll with it, driving their tractors in the early mornings and ending the day in the heat of the afternoon. Working in agriculture, my grandfather had this schedule his whole life. Because of this, I'm not even sold on Daylight Saving Time having an agricultural benefit -- at least not one that's universal to all regions.

So, it's pretty obvious I'm not partial to Daylight Saving Time. I've never been accustomed to it, I don't see the sense in it, it doesn't make sense for even agriculture in very hot climates, and I get cranky every spring when I lose my precious morning sunlight.

How about you -- particularly the smallholders and farmers out there? Do you like Daylight Saving Time? What do you get out of it?


quijax said...

I absolutely do not like it. I think it is pure foolishness, especially now that they've pushed it back even further. In high summer it makes no difference to us in the east. We get enough daylight that we can afford to let the sun get up before us. In this transition time, we've been pushing our start times later and later. We haven't been able to get out into the fields until 10am this past week with the frost. Since Erica has a second job, we have hard deadlines for the end of the day and so we've had to let things slide. Having that extra hour would have been helpful.


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