Friday, October 29, 2010

October (Mostly) Unprocessed

I am entering the last weekend of October: Unprocessed, and I remain profoundly grateful for its gifts.

Tonight, I am eating a local meal that is 80% from my CSA box: a Southwestern stew with local green onions, zucchini, corn, and bell peppers with some red beans, cumin and chile powder. Simple and perfect for tonight. Lately, these are the meals I want.

I can't say I was 100% faithful, but I'm actually surprised and pleased at how much the 'kitchen rule' held. I gave myself a bit of a free pass for my recent weekend trip, but didn't use that as an excuse to binge. I did eat a bit of white-flour pasta and a fair amount of good (but white) bread in North Beach (because, really: it was North Beach) and ate a few lovely desserts for which I didn't question the white vs. raw sugar. And of course there was dim sum, at which I really didn't bother to question anything. Because: dim sum. At the same time, I ate fewer chocolates than one might, and tended to opt for meals (like a lovely peasant butter-bean meal at a Greek restaurant) that I might otherwise have missed.

My biggest binge, if you will, was actually today at a company event. There was queso (a Texas concoction mostly made of Velveeta) and Halloween chocolate, and I had a bit of both. So, not 100% faithful.

That said, I think the month's changes have impacted me in ways that I couldn't expected.

To wit: I gave myself a great deal of license in San Francisco, which I really didn't take. At the amazing Swiss chocolatier I was very satisfied to have a small nibble of my darling companion's chocolate with marzipan; I didn't need entire chocolates, and didn't eat them. Mostly, I chose unprocessed meals: the amazing Greek butter beans; a fantastic breakfast polenta with gorgonzola, honey and natural bacon; pasta with seafood. Oh yeah, and that dim sum. I have no idea what was really in that . . . !

Also: I found that I have eaten more meat this month than I probably have in over fifteen years. I'm not sure what that was about, but I followed it where it lead -- eating meals of liver and mushrooms in mustard sauce, that lovely bacon in North Beach, and two different meals of cassoulet. At first, I resisted it. (I was vegetarian for 14 or so years, and still keep to mostly veggie meals.) Midway through the month, I resigned; my body was clearly trying to tell me something, not that I'm sure what it was.

I did end up losing a wee bit of weight. I'm not sure that was my intention, but it's true. More importantly, I had a really good excuse to look at some of my patterns and seek to change them, and picked up some new skills that I will carry forward. Who knew I could bake bread, or make cookies, for example?

Speaking of which . . . perhaps I should make some cookies . . . !


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