Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gardening in Small Spaces

I am back from a quick weekend jaunt to the San Francisco area, and settled back into my warmer, muggier clime. As per usual, my attention was drawn to the different flora in the Bay Area. Or, as one friend put it as we walked along the beach: "You're looking the wrong way!"

I'll cop to that. But the Pacifica hills were filled with their own quiet majesty and really held their own against the beach. I loved noticing the differences in the growing patterns of the lantanas, chard and nasturtiums I also grow at home, and was even more excited to see plants like sea kale I'd only read about before.

The other thing that struck me is how truly blessed I am to have an entire suburban lot to cultivate. In the city, I watched as people gardened in whatever small spaces were available: small city parks, extremely steep backyard hills behind Victorian townhouses, planters and window boxes. I was delighted to look up in Chinatown and see a potted satsuma and other plants up on one building's fire escape. I was assured that there is nearly no space which cannot be gardened on some scale, at least in theory. (What the city will allow is often another matter.)

Next trip: more community gardens. I'm looking forward to it!

How do you garden in small spaces?


DollarSeed said...

I have found that anywhere a pot fits, it should have something growing in it. Unfortunately, some places are not so welcomed, such as a windowsill over a busy sidewalk.

Heidi said...

Have you visited Yerba Buena Gardens? We stumbled upon them last time we were in SF and ended up spending the whole morning there, taking in the view, scoping out the veggies and flowers and watching kiddos play on the amazing playscape.

Gardenatrix said...

@DollarSeed: I am inclined to agree with you - so long as no one is watering directly over my head!

@Heidi: I don't know if I have, which is a shame because I've spent a lot of time in SF. Some cities have microclimates, but SF seems to have micro-cities! I'll add Yerba Buena Gardens to the list for next time - sounds great!

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