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Garden Atrix offers a reliable, professional garden service including, Garden Design, Landscaping and Garden Maintenance. Garden Atrix ensures all its employees have a constant source of energy, enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge, in addition to which 100% commitment to their work. Robert Vetter has built up its reputation from not only its designs, quality building work and most importantly their plant knowledge but listening to clients needs and working to their budget.

This website is not only seen as an opportunity to show customers what services they can offer but to present other gardening information to people in easy to understand terms.

Robert Vetter is also committed to a ‘Green’ approach to gardening, where possible. From encouraging their customers to look at organic ways of gardening, including composting, saving water, companion planting etc, through to recycling waste products from landscaping projects, they are constantly looking to improve upon all aspects of organic gardening and recycling products where possible.

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Choosing the right garden supplies, accessories and garden plants and using quality tools and equipment is the first step to achieving your perfect garden paradise.

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We’ve put together a selection of recommended suppliers who can provide more advice and guidance and supply you with all your water garden needs.

Tree Cleaning

No matter how beautiful your hard landscaping, furniture and statuary might be, without cleaning tree and rubbish removal you can’t able to enhance your garden.

Garden Seeds

Growing your own plants and flowers from garden seeds means you can quickly and easily fill an empty or dull garden with color, interest and excitement.

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Robert grows whise he is planted. Lessons learned from years of moving around as a military wife have been beneficial to Robert as he moved toward a single life.




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